My Series 2 Watch seems to have battery issues. The battery is dead in couple of hours with no use. And it’s always stuck at 100%.

I used Due previously to manage repeating reminders. It has a nice feature of notifying you in intervals till marked completed. I don’t think Due 3 will find a spot on my workflow today.

Due 3.0 Adds Pure Black Theme, Custom Snooze Times, and Haptic Feedback

I am very surprised that Social networks like Facebook and Twitter do not release an Ad-free subscription model. Twitter is doing everything to kill 3rd party apps. Why won’t they generate a different revenue stream than killing the apps that make the whole eco-system successful?

The only missing piece for using iPad as replacement to a laptop or MacBook is identify its Safari as a mobile Safari. I wish websites are pushing the full desktop version to iPads. The screen resolution is higher than most of the entry level desktop monitors.

So, did Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro today? I was on the website, and felt there is something new today.

I can’t get my head around VS Code and all the claims that it’s a fast text editor. I see it as a full IDE.

Moving from Chrome to Safari as my standard browser for web development. If that went fine as I expect that will be a huge win for me.

Starting a new web app, and here comes the usual dilemma, which technology you should invest in? Which language or framework?