So, did Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro today? I was on the website, and felt there is something new today.

I can’t get my head around VS Code and all the claims that it’s a fast text editor. I see it as a full IDE.

Moving from Chrome to Safari as my standard browser for web development. If that went fine as I expect that will be a huge win for me.

Starting a new web app, and here comes the usual dilemma, which technology you should invest in? Which language or framework?

So, I have been using Tidal as my music streaming service for a couple of months now. I been using Apple Music for years, but wanted to try the Hi-Fi service. I am probably returning to Apple Music or Spotify.

If you are running a website using Static builder, what is the tool you are missing in your workflow. A tool you wish it would exist?

I am very glad that I am not only building my static site, but building a template for it in the process on Hugo.

My only concern with Markdown that it’s a scripting language and has its own learning curve. So for building a website for someone who is a beginner, that reduces our options taking out all file based CMS.