A simple fact, software pricing from Europe and North America doesn’t take into consideration developing countries and their purchasing power.

So the last MPU episode with @manton made me reconsider the way I consume content. I spend a lot of time trying to find valuable information within Twitter noise, and I actually have the power of RSS.

I have been an Apple Music user since Day 1. Today is the first day I have really experienced the Custom Stations option. It’s fantastic, this is what I have been looking for.

Just noticed this nice feature in Micro.blog Discover. You can actually read other posts by users talking about 📚. Isn’t that just smart!

I might be very very late to the game, but the fact that I can listen to Spotify on one device and control it from another device is just marvelous.

When your timeline is all about Om Kalthoum, you know how great person she was and will be Egypt’s signature in arts.

Facebook is just making the life of new users a nightmare. They keep disabling my account every couple of days, even though they have all my identity verification documents.

Today is the first time I notice a pre-order application on the Mac App Store. I like the idea, nice addition for developers.

So on the 2018 New Year’s Eve, the messaging platform Whatsapp went down. They have always been proud by delivering millions of messages in the eve, not this year.

I am really considering buying a Nintendo Switch, I do not have time to play on PS4 and I think a portable gaming console might help. If not for the price tag.