Micro-Wallet, a Kickstarter I couldn't miss

I would not say I am a heavy Kickstarter backer, not even a lite one. I have backed three kickstarter campaigns in total. The first ever was the Micro.blog kickstarter. A couple of days ago while I was browsing Kickstarter, I came into something I could not miss, a Kickstarter campign for a small minimalistic wallet.

Being a fan for wallets for so many years, I can't even remember the first time I started using wallets, that was years ago; but I can remember my first bi-fold leather wallet ever.
As I got older, and with today's unlimited number of cards that we have all the time while on the move, it's very difficult to continue using those bulky old style wallets. So, four years ago, I started using small form wallets, and I had this Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Cambridge Trifold Wallet for some time, which was really a great wallet.

Then I move to Massimo Dutti Magic Wallet recently; which delivers a smaller form factor, and I really like it.

Micro-wallet an even smaller wallet

It seems I am attracted to Kickstarters with Micro in their names. The Paperwallet team promises the smallest wallet ever made, that can hold 8 cards, and had RFID protection which is a nice to have addition. Micro-wallets are made of Tyvek smart material which helps in making each wallet:

  1. Expandable
  2. Durable
  3. Water Resistant
  4. and Eco-friendly Recyclable

Also, the wallet comes in 9 different designs that you can choose from, coming from different artists with different tastes, so that would hopefully pleases everyone.

I made my leap of faith and pledged to this campaign, you can check this campaign as well here.